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  • Recently, we wrote to the MBA regarding Greedy Chappie's commercial guided walk to an MBA bothy at this year's Braemar Mountain Festival - see previous PLOG entry.  We got a thoroughly dispiriting, if predictable, reponse and News Release from the Chairman of the MBA:  

    "Thanks for getting in touch about Geoff Allan's [Greedy Chappie] planned walk as part of the Braemar Mountain Festival.  I've attached the MBA guidelines on commercial use of bothies & our view is that such a walk falls within those guidelines.  No overnight stays are being planned and bothy users should  not be inconvenienced. 
    Thank you again for drawing our attention to the proposed walk - we do rely on people such as yourself to keep us well informed about possible issues with the use of MBA bothies.
    With best wishes for the New Year!
    Simon 'Bollocks-to-the-Bothy-Code' Birch
    Chairman, MBA"
    The Bothy Code clearly states that "Bothies are not available for commercial groups" i.e. there is NOTHING in the Bothy Code that differentiates between a 'lunch stop' and a 'pre-planned overnight stay'.  Therefore, the MBA is now condoning the commercial use of bothies against their own code and previous public proclamations.  This is unacceptable and we have subsequently put it to the MBA that this spurious (and disgraceful) separation of 'lunch stops' and 'overnight stays' for commercial groups is nothing more than cynical PR spin to protect one of their own, as, let's not forget, that Greedy Chappie is an MBA MO.
    This whole thing stinks to high Hell and we appeal to all MBA members who detest the commercialisation of bothies - now accepted by the MBA - to write to the MBA hierarchy and/or cancel their membership.
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    The KPC's very own singer-songwriter Tealight has once again been busy in the studio writing a couple of new foot-tapping bothy tunes. 

    The first is a cracking tune - 'Sango' - celebrating the journey to the KPC's 2017 AGM.  Click on the image below for a wee listen in, and make damn sure you've got your dancing boots on: 

    The second tune - 'Mistaken' - is a withering commentary about Bothy Commercialisation and one or two of the chief protagonists (who should know better) currently pushing this vile scourge.  The battle against Bothy Commercialisation is is far from over, and we think this tune could become a battlecry against the greedy fools who look to our bothies to sanitise them for the pompous, pious, Outdoor Knobber types and line their pockets in the process.  Click on the image below for a wee listen:

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    Yet another new low has been reached by Greedy Chappie (aka Geoff 'Bothy Cash-in' Allan) in his campaign to commercialise our rudimentary shelters.  This time, Greedy is leading a walk to Callater Stable (an MBA maintained bothy) as part of the Braemar Mountain Festival 2018.  "So what?" you may ask.  Well, Greedy and his enablers at the BMF 2018 are charging punters £25 for the privilege.  This includes "...a burger and a dram"...  Yes, really.  

    The KPC says that this is unambiguously using bothies for financial gain (regardless of where the cash goes) and it is TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE.  This shit has to stop and we are asking all readers of this Plog to let the numbskulls at the BMF know exactly what they think of this disgraceful 'event'.  We also ask the MBA to come out and condemn this event as it is in clear breach of their public position that bothies are not to be used by commercial groups.

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    Not satisfied with lining his pockets on the back of bothies with his Book the Scottish Bothy Bible, Greedy Chappie (aka Geoff Allan) has teamed up with the misguided fools at www.topmunro.com in a new venture to make yet more filthy lucre off of the back of our rudimentary shelters by producing 'Top Bothy' trumps.  Fortunately it looks like Greedy has gone too far this time and the response to this greedy claptrap that we have seen is universally scathing.  The KPC has written to Top Munro requesting that they withdraw both the trumps and the bible from sale.  The commercialisation of bothies must stop.


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