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  • A new documentary is being produced about pipes and pipe smoking.  The producers have a nice website that has all the details.

    From the website:

    "Father the Flame will be a feature-length documentary about slowing down, embracing life, and learning something in the process. It's also about tobacco pipes.

    We will delve into the modern world of the pipe culture, explore the historical journey of the tobacco pipe and show the making of a pipe from harvesting briar in Italy to a finished pipe made by a craftsman in a remote corner of upper Michigan. Through interviews, narration, and cinematic imagery we will explore the timeless and transcendant nature of pipes."

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    Glynn Quelch from Gauntley's and the Nottingham Pipe Club has just found out that Dunhill will be re-releasing 'Elizabethan Mixture' which is a Virginia Perique (VaPer) mixture.  If Glynn's review of Elizabethan mixture is anything to go buy then around about July all you Va Per Puff Balls out there are in for a treat.

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    The Association of Independent Tobacco Specialists (AITS) has just published a new booklet entitled 'All you need to know about... Pipes and Pipe Smoking'.

    It is a neat little A5 glossy full colour publication that has loads of information about pipes, pipe history, pipe manufacture, and pipe tobacco.  Members of the AITS are also listed at the back.  It is exceptional value at £1-00.  Maclean at G T Coventry in Kirkcaldy very kindly provided the KPC a sample to review, and a full review of the booklet will appear in the May edition of our newsletter 'Briar & Bothies'.

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    Excellent publicity poster from ADz Pipes for the BPSC 2013

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