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  • It appears that the MBA are on the warpath against "commercial interests" using bothies for their 'adventure holidays' and such like.  As a responsible and definitely non-commercial bothy-based pipe club, the KPC stands four-square behind the MBA on this important issue.  KPC members are encouraged to report to the MBA any commercial shenanagins that they come across in their bothy travels.  KPC members are also encouraged to catalogue and then purge any commercial advertising bilge from adventure/guiding/outdoor knobber groups that they may find in the bothy.  

    The KPC has contacted the MBA offering our full support and assistance in a joint approach to purge the spectre of the filthy lucre from our shared sacred spaces.

    See BBC report (featuring Kearvaig) HERE and MBA website below.


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    Whilst we understand that the chaps down in Englandshire have been having a torrid time of things of late, KPC Command has been informed of a glimmer of hope in a beastly world in the shape brand new pipe club being formed.  A forward thinking chap named Maurice Power contacted the KPC to inform us of his new venure south of the wall, see:  

    The KPC wishes the BPC all the very best!


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    Our very own Sergeant Matron was interviewed by Brian Levine of Pipes Magazine Radio.  You can learn about pipes, tobacco, bothies and anal-cleansing in the outdoors.  Interested?  Then just go HERE.

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    A new blend from Samuel Gawith was released at this year's Inter-Tabac tradeshow in Dortmund, Germany and is now on sale in the UK via several e-tailers.  

    The blend is a VaPer as is only the second perique containing blend in the SG range.  It is also a roll cut in the style of Escudo or Dunhill DNR but with a 6% perique core.  Feel free to let us know how you get on with it.

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