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  • GO HARD! GANGSTAGRASS, Bristol, 25 Nov 16 02 December 2016 | View comments

  • If you've never heard of Gangstagrass then we've just done you a big favour.  These chaps/ettes - from New York, USA - fuse Hip-Hop and Bluegrass (yes, really) to make a unique and unforgettable sound. Gangstagrass has formed a fitting backdrop for many a KPC moot over the years, so we were overjoyed when, at last, they hip-hopped across the pond to the UK for a tour.  Due to some over-enthusiastic ticket booking we ended up down in Bristol on board the good ship Thekla which proved to be a cracking venue for a truly amazing gig.

    Their set was a tour de force of old and new tunes that kept the KPC chaps leaping about all night.  After the gig we got chatting to band members - all lovely people - and we bagged a few memorable photos of the occasion.  All we ask is that they come back here and soon!


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