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  • Bothy Life - The Single! 15 March 2017 | View comments

  • KPC member 'Tealight' has written his own tune inspired by nights in the bothy and has now cut his first rough-mix disc in the recording studio.  The tune is called Bothy Life and we think it will go platinum shortly.  Enjoy!


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    Robdalf Created on 18/03/2017 01:30

    A Beautifull song.
    It describes the bothy live well.

    Colin de'vries Created on 12/05/2017 06:39

    I Ah yes, it does tend to get the bothy foot a tapping the bothy head a nodding and the bothy briar a filling. Well done sir.!.

    Hollis Brown Created on 16/06/2017 17:23

    An absolutely marvellous little ditty. Well written and extremely topical. The singer also sound very handsome.

    Sergeant Matron Created on 16/06/2017 17:39

    Indeed Hollis.  As well as being a dashing almost young blade Tealight is now a certified Pipe Babe Magnet.  Then again...
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