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  • Commercialisation of Bothies: Bothy 'Top Trumps'?! 07 August 2017 | View comments

  • Not satisfied with lining his pockets on the back of bothies with his Book the Scottish Bothy Bible, Greedy Chappie (aka Geoff Allan) has teamed up with the misguided fools at www.topmunro.com in a new venture to make yet more filthy lucre off of the back of our rudimentary shelters by producing 'Top Bothy' trumps.  Fortunately it looks like Greedy has gone too far this time and the response to this greedy claptrap that we have seen is universally scathing.  The KPC has written to Top Munro requesting that they withdraw both the trumps and the bible from sale.  The commercialisation of bothies must stop.


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    abdul Created on 08/08/2017 00:18

    My God, what a loathsome website Top Munro is. Typical comments, "I,m doin the Wainwrights"? No yer not , yer doin named hills in the Knobbersphere Lake District. Soo middle class, hence Top Trumps. who the fuck uses that saying anymore? Knobbers

    Dave The Rave Created on 16/10/2017 20:00

    What a load of money making shite.  These guys might not find themselves too welcome in the bothy.  Well done the pipe lads give telling the world like it is!

    Percy Topliss Created on 15/12/2017 15:25

    Hell and night! What these fellows need is a damn good pigsticking let me tell you!

    Major Morris Created on 23/12/2017 13:44

    Having recently acquired a pack of said cards from under the noses of staff at a large Outdoor Knobber Equipment store in Inverness I was somewhat surprised to note that Mr Allan considers this abomination as a "Fun card game when you're bothying". Clearly Mr Allan has yet to attend a KPC AGM.

    Sergeant Matron, KPC Created on 24/12/2017 16:55

    Well purloined Major.  We've been reliably informed that they make excellent firelighters, so any field observations would be most welcome.  Mr Allan at a KPC AGM - there's a thought.  I'm sure we could knock-up a Wicker Man...
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