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  • Commercialisation of Bothies: Braemar Mountain Festival, March 2018 20 December 2017 | View comments

  • Yet another new low has been reached by Greedy Chappie (aka Geoff 'Bothy Cash-in' Allan) in his campaign to commercialise our rudimentary shelters.  This time, Greedy is leading a walk to Callater Stable (an MBA maintained bothy) as part of the Braemar Mountain Festival 2018.  "So what?" you may ask.  Well, Greedy and his enablers at the BMF 2018 are charging punters £25 for the privilege.  This includes "...a burger and a dram"...  Yes, really.  

    The KPC says that this is unambiguously using bothies for financial gain (regardless of where the cash goes) and it is TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE.  This shit has to stop and we are asking all readers of this Plog to let the numbskulls at the BMF know exactly what they think of this disgraceful 'event'.  We also ask the MBA to come out and condemn this event as it is in clear breach of their public position that bothies are not to be used by commercial groups.

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    JM Created on 21/12/2017 03:15

    MBA definitely need to deal with this issue. Its not been said before but commercial use of bothies maintained by the MBA is very likely to be a clear breach of their obligations under the law. Charities commission I`m sure would be very interested to hear if they where in breach of their stated aim and operating outside of their remit. They really take a dim view of charities not sticking to the letter of their agreed charter. The trustees need to get a lawyer onto this asap before it turns into a healthy fine and court costs and a possible loss of charitable status.

    Sergeant Matron, KPC Created on 21/12/2017 21:11

    Good Point well made JM.  Let's hope the MBA come out and condemn this disgrace.  Don't hold your breath though.  They like to have a go at ordinary decent bothying chaps such as the KPC when it suits them, but the silence on this crucial issue is deafening.  Funny that.
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