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  • New KPC Bothy Tunes 25 December 2017 | View comments

  • The KPC's very own singer-songwriter Tealight has once again been busy in the studio writing a couple of new foot-tapping bothy tunes. 

    The first is a cracking tune - 'Sango' - celebrating the journey to the KPC's 2017 AGM.  Click on the image below for a wee listen in, and make damn sure you've got your dancing boots on: 

    The second tune - 'Mistaken' - is a withering commentary about Bothy Commercialisation and one or two of the chief protagonists (who should know better) currently pushing this vile scourge.  The battle against Bothy Commercialisation is is far from over, and we think this tune could become a battlecry against the greedy fools who look to our bothies to sanitise them for the pompous, pious, Outdoor Knobber types and line their pockets in the process.  Click on the image below for a wee listen:

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    Outdoor Knobber Robin Created on 13/02/2018 07:09

    Whilst I mostly disagree, I understand your concern. Doesn't make sense alienating outdoorsy types though. Surely should be trying to get us on side rather than slag us off. Hope I make it in  your outdoor knobber column again. ;-)
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