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  • MBA Condones Commercial Use of Bothies 03 January 2018 | View comments

  • Recently, we wrote to the MBA regarding Greedy Chappie's commercial guided walk to an MBA bothy at this year's Braemar Mountain Festival.  We got a thoroughly dispiriting, if predictable, reponse and News Release from the Chairman of the MBA:  

    "Thanks for getting in touch about Geoff Allan's [Greedy Chappie] planned walk as part of the Braemar Mountain Festival.  I've attached the MBA guidelines on commercial use of bothies & our view is that such a walk falls within those guidelines.  No overnight stays are being planned and bothy users should  not be inconvenienced. 
    Thank you again for drawing our attention to the proposed walk - we do rely on people such as yourself to keep us well informed about possible issues with the use of MBA bothies.
    With best wishes for the New Year!
    Simon ['Bollocks-to-the-Bothy-Code'] Birch
    Chairman, MBA"
    The Bothy Code clearly states that "Bothies are not available for commercial groups" i.e. there is NOTHING in the Bothy Code that differentiates between a 'lunch stop' and a 'pre-planned overnight stay'.  Therefore, it seems that the MBA is now condoning the commercial use of bothies against their own code.  This is unacceptable and we have subsequently put it to the MBA that this spurious (and disgraceful) separation of 'lunch stops' and 'overnight stays' for commercial groups is nothing more than cynical PR spin to protect one of their own, as, let's not forget, that Greedy Chappie is an MBA MO.
    This whole thing stinks to high Hell and we appeal to all MBA members who detest the commercialisation of bothies - now accepted by the MBA - to write to the MBA hierarchy and/or cancel their membership.
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    Devon Mole Created on 17/01/2018 03:21

    What a wankstain.
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